Breakdown Towing in Maroochydore

One of the worst things that can happen when you are on a trip is that your vehicle can break down and sometimes it is hard to determine the issue on your own.

If your car stops working and you are in a rush, you can get in touch with our tow truck company so we can send someone over to assess the problem and provide a solution.

Should you prefer to have your vehicle taken to a repair shop, we can offer you our tow truck service to bring it for you instead if this is something you prefer.

Breakdown Issues

No one should continue driving with a flat tyre as this can make it hard for you to control your vehicle as well as it may damage the wheels, which can cost a lot to get fixed.

Parking your vehicle and having us send over a professional to handle this will save you a lot of time, ensure your safety and prevent further future costs.

Having a broken or damaged wheel is not a good thing when it comes to driving as this can lead to accidents and later, injuries.

We suggest having our professional come over to provide you with a substitute or replacement tyre to get you going again but can also tow your vehicle back to a shop if you prefer.

A dead battery can cause a lot of issues with either the vehicle’s functions or even getting it started but we have ways to handle this.

If your vehicle needs a jump start, our professional can do this for you but if your vehicle needs a battery replacement, we can always provide one.

A damaged alternator may seem like something that can be taken care of later but the longer this goes on, the more inconvenient this can be.

It is best to have your alternator fixed or replaced by our professional right away to ensure proper electrical functionality with your vehicle and to avoid further damage to it.

We recommend that you should not drive with malfunctioning brakes as these are one of the main causes of accidents.

If you need a brake replacement, we can bring one over for you so our professional can replace it but if there is severe damage to your brake system, it would be best to have it towed to a shop.

It is common to run out of gas if you miss a station or do not notice this right away, which is why we provide emergency gas delivery services.

Should you find yourself stranded with no gas in your tank, we can send our driver over to help refuel your vehicle for a trip to a gas station or tow it there for you.

Electricity malfunctions can be a great inconvenience if you ignore them and this is why you should get it looked at right away.

Our professional can come right over to inspect the electrical problems to fix them for you so that you can avoid any unnecessary damage.

An overheating vehicle can be troublesome and this can happen a lot when your vehicle is not in the right condition.

Our professional can head to your location to solve the issue temporarily until you get to a repair shop or we can tow your vehicle there so you can have it fixed easily.

Other Breakdown Towing Issues

If you are unsure what the issue may be, you can describe what happened before your vehicle stopped working so our professional will have an idea.

A routine inspection will be done and if no solution can be provided on the spot, we can always tow your vehicle back to a repair shop to have it fixed.

We recommend that you always have your vehicle checked before going on long trips and have it maintained to avoid breakdowns on the road.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons Why People Choose Us

Affordable Service Costs

Towing Pros Maroochydore offers fair and transparent prices for all the services that are provided, which do not include any hidden charges.

24/7 Service Availability

We understand that towing services can be needed at any time, so we make sure that our team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Vehicle Safety

We make sure that our equipment is suitable for handling any broken-down vehicle to ensure no further damage comes to it.

Quick Response

The moment you get in touch with us, we will begin to process everything needed and begin sending a professional to your location as soon as possible.

Licensed Professionals

Our professionals are highly skilled and have been trained in every way possible to handle any type of vehicle with high-quality equipment.

Secure Storage Facilities

Our facilities feature CCTV surveillance to make sure your vehicle is safe and sound, which we can later bring out when you want it delivered to a repair shop or somewhere else.

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